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Ep. 7 Sneak Peek | Scott and his friends have a new threat upon them.

The Flash Bash with Buzzfeed and the CW (x)

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Entertainment Weekly SDCC Portraits 2014 x

Tyler Posey @ San Diego Comic Con 2010 - 2014


Actor and TEEN CHOICE Award winner Tyler Posey (“Teen Wolf”) is set to host TEEN CHOICE 2014, airing live Sunday, Aug. 10 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) on FOX. In addition, music groups MAGIC! and Rixton will turn up the heat on the TEEN CHOICE stage during their live performances.

Also don’t forget to vote for him, Dylan, Hoechlin and Teen Wolf on teenchoiceawards.com!

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Anonymous asked: Will you post the audio file for Tyler's interview on The Jason Ellis Show from March?

Hmm, sadly I think that ship might have sailed :/ I managed to get the first one because I knew about it when it happened and it was still rippable off his main site. When this new one came out, his site was down for ages and I forgot about it. 

I think now the only way to get it is to be a paid subscriber…


NEW Teen Wolf clip exclusive on the MTV app.

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Summary of Tyler Posey’s Solo Panel at EyeCon


Here’s a a summary of what Tyler Posey said at his Solo Panel at EyeCon. 


(Source of the pic)

-> The Panel started with the Attendees filming something for "I love Teen Wolf Day"   - interesting! 

-> And Eaddy May’s introduced Tyler Posey, seems like Eaddy’s gonna mc-ing the Panels

-> Eaddy said that if her sons turn out to be anything like Tyler  she’ll be proud. She also said that the other day they had to get him a jacket, because he was shiver but does never complain.

-> Eaddy almost made Tyler cry with her words and that it makes her happy when he cries (good tears of course.)

-> Tyler said he’s getting a tattoo removed (the one on his ribs/side)

-> Eaddy said she’s got the right to go Victoria Argent on anyone who asks Tyler a mean question

-> Tyler got an apron from a fan and said, "I’m gonna wear this naked"

-> Tyler loves naps

-> Tyler said that Jeff (Davis) doesn’t let anyone give input on the show, except for Dylan (O’Brien), "It’s not accepted for us to give (jeff) any input…. other than Dylan." Dylan gives a lot of input though

-> Jeff has never given Tyler any freedom with scenes 

-> It was Posey’s idea for Victoria (Argent) to kick him off the table as she tried to kill Scott in S2

-> Tyler told that he’s writing on a script right now, one which he is writing on since he’s 13. It’s a American Pie Stoner Comedy - “A silly Stoner Character.” 

-> He’d like a scene of Victoria coming back as wolf and showing him the ropes

-> Eaddy says Scott is her connection to Allison because he was the last person with when she died

-> They said they’d want a Victoria/Scott relationship because it would be funny and he’s her last connection to Allison

-> "I’m a monkey." - Tyler is on stage, acting like a monkey

-> Tyler said that Scott’s arc this season is one of the most important he ever had on the show, "…much more important than becoming a true alpha."

-> Tyler’s most irrational fear is flying, "I just don’t wanna fall out of the sky."  He also hates Spiders

-> "When I was a kid I used to think I’d poop and see spiders in the toilet." 

-> Tyler said that in S4 “leadership” will become a second nature for Scott. All he knows is how to protect people, as many as he can.

-> Tyler wants to protect people like Scott does which is one of similarities between him and Scott. He quoted Allison, "We protect those who can’t protect themselves."  

Eaddy threw in that he did not protect Allison and Tyler injected, saying that he tried, "… I tried. I tried to take her pain away, but I…" and he sounded really sad saying that.

-> In Tyler’s opinion nothing can top S1 of Teen Wolf because they were young and it was all new

-> Tyler was drunk the first time he met Jill (Wagner), “When I met Jill I had a couple of drinks….of soda.”

-> When he first met her he was peeing and she screamed "Posey. Posey", so he turned around but didn’t realize behind was a glass wall and she could actually see him.

-> When he was a kid he wanted a rollercoaster sleeve tattoo, now he wants something more traditional. His dream sleeve tattoo would be ocean themed, an Octopus maybe. He basically wants tentacles down his arm.

-> He says he get paranoid about all his tattoos something because of his future career but he just wants the tattoos so damn much

-> "I want my fiancee (Seana) covered in tattoos."  

-> Tyler said that TyHo came into a shot one time carrying a chainsaw and that he scared TyPo to death. "I almost pooped." 

-> Tyler thinks that everyone is responsible for the success of Teen Wolf, the fans, Jeff’s scrips, the crew and everyone. He wants the scripts put into a museum. "You know how earth can sustain life because everything is right? That’s what Teen Wolf is like. It’s the perfect storm." 

-> "I don’t wanna be like Stiles. I wanna be someone awesome." Tyler wants to be Kira or Allison so he can kiss himself. 

-> Eaddy says a reason why Teen Wolf is successful is because of Tyler Posey

-> Tyler said, that when Scott was little he wanted to grow up to be popular and, "… he got it and people started dying around him…. He’s gonna put his powers to good use."

-> He said the most memorable gifts from fans were some cool skateboards. 

-> Tyler says that the fandom has never surprised him because he understands their love and that the show deserves all the dedication.

-> Tyler is hungry. 

-> Scott knows that he is powerful, but he does not see himself as cool and awesome as he really is. Scott’s too humble for that.

-> Someone got Tyler a scone and now he’s eating. 

-> Eaddy says that she adores Seanna (Tyler’s fiance) 

-> Scott know’s he’s a “monster” and has the power to kill people, but he doesn’t want to. It’s a constant struggle for him to stay good and he has to remind himself of it every day

-> Every part of Scott’s pack is useful to him. "He needs everybody and everybody needs him."  

-> Tyler’s favorite color is: sea foam green

-> Tyler says that there is no time to properly mourn but it always be there, "We don’t have time, we have to protect people" 

Eaddy added that Beacon Hills is at war and that Scott is a soldier against his own will and now he’s a general.

-> If Tyler could write an entire season, Scott would be handcuffed to the bed by Kira. They’d be about to get it on… and then there’d be a explosion. 

-> Scott wasn’t listening to Allison’s heartbeat as she died, he was paying attention to her and her words. "He was paying attention to her words, not her heart."

-> Scott’s been more comfortable with Allison than with Kira. The relationship is still new and awkward, but still sweet and good. 

-> Tyler wants to get back into music after the show, he wants to become a music producer. He’s producing a rap-song with friends right now

-> He’d like to do music for the show

-> Posey’s life goal is to write a movie, direct it, film it, act in it and do every song 

-> Blink 182 influences Tyler trough life

-> Eaddy said that Posey and JR would sit and sing in the Van or the trailer together while Tyler plays guitar.

-> Tyler says that JR is one of his best friends and one of his favorite people. "JR is one of my best friends. He’s the best." 

-> The Tiki tattoo on his ankle has green smoke coming out of his eyes because he likes cool art and got engaged in Hawaii. "I like tattoos that look cool, they don’t always have to mean something." 

-> Tyler got a new tattoo on his thigh just last week. It’s a airport he and his dad used to go to a lot when he was a kid. "My goal in life is to be good dad and have a family, have fun and enjoy life." His tattoos are a reflection of that.

Eaddy added, "You’re gonna be a wonderful father." 

If I missed anything or confused it, just let me know! Thank you for everyone who live-tweeted!