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Teen Wolf panel w/ Tyler Posey and Crystal Reed at C2E2 2014

It’s their entrance and the first question. :D This panel was a dream come true.

Tyler Posey talking about my name and tattoo today at C2E2. Sorry my hand gets in the way sometimes I was sneaking a video.

(please don’t arrest me c2e2 xox ur security sux)

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Tyler Posey on how Scott and Stiles met. x

Photos from C2E2 are up [x]

Crystal Reed and Tyler Posey getting excited over my tattoo at C2E2 4.16.14

c2e2Did you miss #TylerPosey salsa dancing on the #C2E2Main Stage? Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered! Enjoy #TeenWolf Fans.


i’ve been sitting on this for a couple of days, but let’s talk about tyler posey. 

i first met him and dylan a little over a year ago, and they were the first members of the teen wolf cast i ever interacted with. i threw together a kanima makeup and ended up winning a private meet and greet with them at wondercon. my initial impression of posey was that he was so energetic and genuinely excited to see me, and to this day i still gush about that o’brosey experience because they’re both such good dudes and i had a blast with them. i was still pretty new to LA and new to this whole getting to meet celebrities thing, so i was definitely super nervous and a little starstruck but had a great time with both of them. 

i didn’t really anticipate seeing them again, beyond my distant-future-aspirations of working on a project with them once i’m properly settled into the industry. i remember hearing relatively shortly after wondercon about tyler’s experience with cancer in his family, and his work with LLS. my dad was diagnosed with lymphoma when i was really young (too young to understand what cancer was—i remember asking my dad where all of his hair went when he was going through chemo), and was considered cancer-free and healthy for much of my life before he got really sick again when i was in college, and passed away 4 years ago. tyler’s involvement with the charity and his family’s struggle with cancer struck a personal chord for me, and i wished so much that i had known about it when i met him, so i could talk to him about it. 

fast forward several months later, to the announcement of the walk with posey contest at light the night. i knew i wanted to walk in LA for light the night regardless, since i did it every year with my family back home and we always donate to LLS, so i joined posey’s team and told my friends and family about it. my mom donated to my page, assuming that she was just donating directly to me, and after the contest ended i get a text from her that reads “so i think i won the walk with tyler??”

my mom and sister both flew out for it. ali’s a teen wolf fan (i had dylan and tyler do a shout-out video for her at wondercon) and my mom watches the show with her back home, so it’s been sort of a fun family experience to text them about their thoughts on it from across the country. the walk itself had some hiccups that i won’t go into here, but i got to thank tyler for his involvement with the charity and told him about my dad and my family’s connection to LLS. he said something to me off-camera that was personal, and meant a lot to me. he didn’t remember me from wondercon at the time (and i didn’t expect him to since it had been months and was a pretty brief interaction!) but he was really happy that my family and i were there.

at DOTW in february, a friend and i got a photo op with him and hoechlin on a whim, and didn’t really do any autographs/meet and greets/etc since those aren’t usually my thing. we were standing in line waiting our turn when posey makes eye contact with me, throws his hands in the air in the middle of a photo with another fan, and goes “DUDE! how’ve you been??” i was actually sort of startled that he remembered me since he has, you know, a million and one fan interactions on a regular basis and i change my hair on an equally regular basis, but i really briefly told him how much i appreciated his script auctions for LLS at the con and how awesome it was to see him again. 

you guys know the fundraiser story by now. shortly after DOTW i put it together, and was completely blown away by the instantaneous response that the fandom had to it, especially during a period of time when the fandom was super divided because of wank. we didn’t meet the 5k goal i set but $2200 is still a lot of money, and i’m so grateful to everyone for raising that much in just a little over a month.

i saw seana at the beer tasting first, and went to re-introduce myself but she was like “of course i remember you!”. we’ve back-and-forthed a little on twitter about makeup stuff and obviously met at light the night, so i sat down with her and matt and a few of my friends and chatted for a few. i wanted a chance to talk to posey before i showed him the fundraiser publicly, and when i approached him it was another one of those moments where he was deep in conversation with another fan and spotted me and was like “DUDE!!!” (which always makes me feel bad because i don’t want to interrupt! but he’s all over the place, haha.) it was nice to have a super chill, fun conversation with him since i wanted to keep the fundraiser a surprise. he asked me if a couple of my tattoos were new since the last time i saw him, showed me a few of his that were new/he’d gotten touched up, and then some of my friends came over and we had a nice group conversation. hanging out with him at stuff like that seriously just feels like catching up with a friend.

i was admittedly really nervous about publicly showing him the fundraiser. most of my interactions with him and/or interviews with MTV have been on a relatively small scale, wolf watch excluded, but i did the latter from the comfort of my living room and didn’t feel like i was talking to an audience. i had a lot of people come up to me who had heard about the fundraiser beforehand who had sweet things to say about it, and posey, and my dad, so i was already feeling emotional. i knew i was going to cry and just hoped it wouldn’t be ugly snot-faced crying.

i don’t think i was prepared for his reaction to it. i was half-focused on talking to him and keahu and the audience, but he turned to have his full attention on me and i’ve never seen him sit so still and quiet as he was in that moment. i mentally prepared myself for a few different reactions, but complete speechlessness from tyler posey wasn’t one of them. i really think he was blown away by the fact that we would do this for a cause that meant a lot to him. he was presented with pages for posey right afterward, and it seemed to take him a moment to collect his thoughts and segue into the next panel. i think he said that he was getting emotional? i was still collecting myself, too, so don’t remember exactly what went down after that.

i ended up doing his meet and greet at the end of the day, and didn’t really bring up LLS until the end but told him i’d tweet him a link to the fundraiser so he could check out the nice comments people had left with their donations. when he was approached to affiliate himself with a charity, he said that he initially didn’t want to do it, because he felt like a lot of celebrities did it just to look good, and he wanted it to be a cause that really meant a lot to him. LLS apparently came to him, and he looked into them and loved what they did for cancer research and treatment and the fact that blood cancers aren’t as widely recognized and understood. this isn’t really verbatim, but he talked about how he appreciates how much we all do for him, and thanked us for the support (to which the group of us murmured “jan” and we all sort of laughed). he said he’s still getting used to being a celebrity and being in the spotlight, so i really think he’s just blown away by the fact that we care about him as much as we do.

when we hugged at the end of the meet and greet he said he was sure he’d see me soon, and that’s the first time we’ve ever parted ways like that. i haven’t worked with a ton of name talent yet in my tiny hollywood career, but tyler just comes off as the sort of person you’d want to spend 16 hour days and kick back with a beer with afterward. i think he definitely pulls out the high energy for the fans, but he’s also really genuine and honest in his interactions with everyone, and he’s such a sweet, down to earth guy. as much as i would have loved to see dylan/hoechlin/crystal/holland/daniel at bitecon, it was awesome to see appreciation for the other actors and especially for tyler. i think sometimes he gets overshadowed at other events by his costars, and they all deserve a ton of love, but he really seemed to be feeling the appreciation this weekend and i’m so glad he got to experience that and that i got to experience it with him and the rest of you who were there.

thank you guys again for the kind words, the hugs, the support for the fundraiser. you can continue to donate here: http://www.gofundme.com/71vlkw since gofundme sends checks to the charities on the 15th of every month with however much we’ve raised.

(photos used with permission from tifferiniceem-fandom, and beabetterscottmccallprogram)

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Tyler Posey & Dylan O’Brien discussing the best shirtless awards, MTV Movie Awards 2014. 


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