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Livetweets/Answers from the Teen Wolf Panel at NYCC (Spoilers)

Major Spoiler Alert! All tweets courtesy - @sonic43 & @casness

  • Davis says there is a plan to remove Jackson from the show smoothly 
  • Also that the door will be left open for Jackson to return if Colton wants to come back 
  • Davis “There is a bromance triangle forming between Scott, Isacc and Stiles
  • Davis “Stiles is our pseudo detective and will have a moment in ep 2 & 3 to set him in his arc”
  • S3 will start 4mnths later and the kids will be juniors. Boys have moved on from Allison and Lydia. 
  • Posey “Scott will begin to try and use his powers for good in S3.” Davis “Scott will start to become a leader in S3” 
  • "Scott will be thrust with greatness… Issac is gonna thrust me with his greatness
  • Davis “rumors abt female alpha are true. Character’s named Kali, will always be barefoot & attacks with claws on her feet
  • Davis “were building virtual sets so we can shoot on green screen and add later “ 
  • "Pack of alphas will be five large and we’re casting identical twin alphas now" 
  • Davis “I like to be on set as a showrunner so move to LA helps and nothing about show look will change.”
  • "Cast is best of friends and we all watch the show together for the first time when it airs" ~ Davis
  • "We’re gonna completely reverse Allison in S3 and she will have a redemption story
  • "Allison and her dad are gunslingers who have hung up their guns and return to Becon Hills only if they don’t hunt"
  • Erica and Boyd will be the mystery of the first few eps
  • We’re introducing a gay character this season” ~Davis
  • More of Lydia’s special abilities will be revealed this season. “Women will be finding their power" ~ Davis
  • Posey’s okay with long makeup sitting but always feel uncomfortable with t/shirtless scenes. Blames Davis. That’s for you  fans ;)
  • Davis “were going to follow through on series premiere when Derek says “we’re brothers now”
  • Lydia will be part of Scott’s pack/less romantic relationship between Stiles and Lydia”
  • "We’re doing a flashback ep. You will see a young Derek Hale
  • "I don’t like getting into genetics and the blue eyes will be explained in flashback ep" ~Davis
  • Don’t want to run into twilight territory with mates. But delving into the hierarchy of packs. -@casness
  • Danny will hopefully be more in season 3. Introducing other queer characters. -@casness
  • Tyler supports Scott/Isaac. -@casness
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