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Throwback Video: Crystal Reed About Tyler Posey in Season 1 

Crystal Reed & Tyler Posey brasil promotion photoshoot. *

Teen Wolf Cast’s TV Guide Cover Story and New Comic Con Outtake [x]

Vote for Scott and Allison people!!!

There was talk about him doing this after the first season so we were kind of used to it, but then it actually happened. It definitely sucks, it’s definitely weird. It’s gonna be weird to film it without him, but we have a good group of people on our show and we’ll survive.

Tyler, along with Crystal and Dylan, talk about Colton Haynes’ exit from the show [x]


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Josh Hutcherson, Choice Movie Sci-Fi/Fantasy Actor at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards


I have absolutely no idea how I found this, but look at Crystal and how proud of herself she is.

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