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You want me? Take me.

Tyler Posey on how Scott and Stiles met. x

Anonymous asked: Did Scott ever kiss any girl other than Allison in Season 1, 2 and 3A???

Lydia 1.08

I’m a True Alpha. You have no idea what I can do.


But can we talk about how Scott McCall is genuinely excited about being seen as the hot girl… and about how Scott McCall literally would not be able to understand how that could ever be seen as a bad thing?

Can we talk about how Scott was so fucking interested when Papa Yukimura told of how he took his wife’s name?

Can we talk about how Scott called his mom and was like “mommy you shoulda kept your own damn name… i mean unless you kept it cuz you wanted too which is cool too as long as the choice was yours?”

Can we talk about how Scott’s heart melted when he was watching Kira inhale that fucking pizza?

Can we just talk about how Scott McCall embraces femininity and appreciates all kinds of women and how he is fascinated with the ins and outs of womanhood? 

Scott McCall just means a lot to me ok? 


Tyler on Loveline with Mike & Dr Drew

Kira is pretty darn lucky and gets to share scenes with the whole gang, but one older wolf in particular will be spending time with the slightly awkward newbie, thanks to Scott’s interest in her it seems. “Kira definitely has interactions with a little bit of everybody. It’s funny because Derek kind of gets involved too and I don’t know if it’s appropriate, but he’s kind of like the papa bear,” Arden Cho tells us. “He kind of looks out for everybody, you know what I mean? In a weird way. He’s got Scott’s back, so he kind of gets involved too.”

Tyler appeared on KTLA this morning (with a new and mature haircut, thanks Seana!) to talk about Teen Wolf. Watch.

Buzzfeed goes behind the scenes with Teen Wolf’s werewolf makeup process. Check out the pics and article.


Every single teen wolf character: Scott McCall

                           ”I don’t care what it does to the color of my eyes’”