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BTS/Making of #Mirror2014 charity calendar for reflectitback.com

ReflectItBack - A series of  photos by Doug Inglish, MIRROR: A Calendar for Social Good is a project created not only for our fans, but in support of social good. 

There was talk about him doing this after the first season so we were kind of used to it, but then it actually happened. It definitely sucks, it’s definitely weird. It’s gonna be weird to film it without him, but we have a good group of people on our show and we’ll survive.

Tyler, along with Crystal and Dylan, talk about Colton Haynes’ exit from the show [x]

Tyler’s 21st Birthday Celebration at Tryst - Vegas News

Last night, the MTV cast of Teen Wolf gathered in Las Vegas to celebrate Tyler Posey’s 21st birthday. The show’s lead actor was surrounded by his closest pals and castmates including Dylan O’Brien (Stiles), Holland Roden (Lydia), and Colton Haynes (Jackson), starting the evening with dinner at Botero before moving to Tryst nightclub inside Wynn Las Vegas for the big celebration.

Tyler and friends were seated at the owner’s table, the prime spot to see and be seen, located just off the dance floor of the award-winning nightclub.  They kick started the evening with shots of Patron as DJ Spider interrupted the music to wish the young star a happy birthday. In homage to Tyler’s supernatural character, Spider dropped Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” as 20 of the club’s gorgeous model servers came marching through the crowd, glow sticks in hand, to deliver a three-tiered birthday cake.

Tyler jumped up on the couch in excitement and immediately began dancing with his friends before blowing out the candles on the “Teen Wolf”-inspired dessert. He welcomed fans as they approached for photo opps, and as one young clubgoer told him it was her birthday as well, he screamed in excitement before posing for multiple snapshots on her iPhone.

The mysterious couple of the night was Holland and Colton, who refused to be captured by the cameras and opted to snuggle in the hidden corners of the luxurious venue instead. The series’ love interests entered hand in hand and could not be separated from each other all night as they danced together into the early hours of the morning, making passersby wonder if their love on screen had transitioned into real life.



The moderator asked about the Colton rumors…

Jeff Davis: I spoke to Colton last night and unfortunately he confirmed he’ll not be returning to the show. He’s a friend. A good friend and well leave the door open for him to return.

Our plan was to have him for two full seasons. Some people have to move on if they feel they need to other things creatively.

Tyler Posey: He’s a good guy too! He’s my friend!

Livetweets/Answers from the Teen Wolf Panel at NYCC (Spoilers)

Major Spoiler Alert! All tweets courtesy - @sonic43 & @casness

  • Davis says there is a plan to remove Jackson from the show smoothly 
  • Also that the door will be left open for Jackson to return if Colton wants to come back 
  • Davis “There is a bromance triangle forming between Scott, Isacc and Stiles
  • Davis “Stiles is our pseudo detective and will have a moment in ep 2 & 3 to set him in his arc”
  • S3 will start 4mnths later and the kids will be juniors. Boys have moved on from Allison and Lydia. 
  • Posey “Scott will begin to try and use his powers for good in S3.” Davis “Scott will start to become a leader in S3” 
  • "Scott will be thrust with greatness… Issac is gonna thrust me with his greatness
  • Davis “rumors abt female alpha are true. Character’s named Kali, will always be barefoot & attacks with claws on her feet
  • Davis “were building virtual sets so we can shoot on green screen and add later “ 
  • "Pack of alphas will be five large and we’re casting identical twin alphas now" 
  • Davis “I like to be on set as a showrunner so move to LA helps and nothing about show look will change.”
  • "Cast is best of friends and we all watch the show together for the first time when it airs" ~ Davis
  • "We’re gonna completely reverse Allison in S3 and she will have a redemption story
  • "Allison and her dad are gunslingers who have hung up their guns and return to Becon Hills only if they don’t hunt"
  • Erica and Boyd will be the mystery of the first few eps
  • We’re introducing a gay character this season” ~Davis
  • More of Lydia’s special abilities will be revealed this season. “Women will be finding their power" ~ Davis
  • Posey’s okay with long makeup sitting but always feel uncomfortable with t/shirtless scenes. Blames Davis. That’s for you  fans ;)
  • Davis “were going to follow through on series premiere when Derek says “we’re brothers now”
  • Lydia will be part of Scott’s pack/less romantic relationship between Stiles and Lydia”
  • "We’re doing a flashback ep. You will see a young Derek Hale
  • "I don’t like getting into genetics and the blue eyes will be explained in flashback ep" ~Davis
  • Don’t want to run into twilight territory with mates. But delving into the hierarchy of packs. -@casness
  • Danny will hopefully be more in season 3. Introducing other queer characters. -@casness
  • Tyler supports Scott/Isaac. -@casness