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Mother’s Day 2014


I want to say thank you for the beautiful flowers and teas that were delivered to me for this Mother’s Day by Tyler’s fans! I am so overwhelmed and feel so much love right now that it’s insane!

A big shout out to V over at tyler-posey.com. I know she organized this incredible sentiment and I’m so grateful for her thoughtfulness. She’s amazing and she puts so much love and hard work into her website. The Posey’s like to call it the Official Unofficial Tyler Posey website. We all go to it for everything “Tyler.” She has the most current and honest information about Tyler out there. Thank you V. We love you!

I ended up having the best day of my life on Mother’s Day. All my boys were with me, and I have to tell you that hasn’t happened in a long time. During the six months I was going through chemo it was impossible to organize any family outings. The boys visited me on separate occasions, but we never could get together all at once. Most of that was due to the way I was feeling, which was like poop! (Haha had to throw that in!) But now that I’m feeling like a million bucks, let the family activities begin! I guess I’m the glue that holds us all together. Don’t get me wrong. The family is strong, loving, and caring for one another, but it takes a momma’s touch! Am I right!

I want to share some pics from the day and also a pic of the awesome gifts that were sent to me from you, the fans. I love you all so much. You are my extended familia! There’s a picture of me in a new pair of Ray Ban sunglasses,  one of my many Mother’s Day’s gift from my boys! (do you love the braids!)

Thanks again to V, you beautiful fans, and my loving family. I’m forever in love with you all.image




"… He and I traveled a lot together when he was younger. I was a pretty cool stage mom, if I can say so myself. I made sure he had a lot fun wherever we were. He saw a lot of the world before he was a teenager. Of course being away from home so much presented us with some challenges. He was lonely without his brothers and his dad, so wherever we were working the family would join us for a few weeks at a time… Now that he’s older, the challenges have changed. We are still looking out for his welfare and still want to make sure he’s protected and safe. As long as we are able to do so we will always be there for him when he needs us. And I’m happy to say he still needs us from time to time!"

- Cyndi T. Garcia. Happy Mother’s Day!

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Baby Tyler Posey - with parents, John and Cyndi above - was born 2 months premature and spent the first 6 weeks of his life in the hospital.

Tyler has a case of the nerves as talks to his mother, Cyndi, before the Teen Choice Awards. [x]

From Cyndi’s Blog:

"Tyler is talking about buzzing his hair off. Yikes. I don’t know how I feel about it. It’s his hair, and he can do what he wants, but I love his beautiful hair!! He’s gonna be busy this week doing a photo shoot and then going to Comic Con in San Diego. Won’t they all be surprised if he shows up with a buzz cut. When all three boys were young we gave them buzz cuts… but now that they’re older… I just don’t know.


Tyler’s mom visits the set.