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Livetweets/Answers from the Teen Wolf Panel at NYCC (Spoilers)

Major Spoiler Alert! All tweets courtesy - @sonic43 & @casness

  • Davis says there is a plan to remove Jackson from the show smoothly 
  • Also that the door will be left open for Jackson to return if Colton wants to come back 
  • Davis “There is a bromance triangle forming between Scott, Isacc and Stiles
  • Davis “Stiles is our pseudo detective and will have a moment in ep 2 & 3 to set him in his arc”
  • S3 will start 4mnths later and the kids will be juniors. Boys have moved on from Allison and Lydia. 
  • Posey “Scott will begin to try and use his powers for good in S3.” Davis “Scott will start to become a leader in S3” 
  • "Scott will be thrust with greatness… Issac is gonna thrust me with his greatness
  • Davis “rumors abt female alpha are true. Character’s named Kali, will always be barefoot & attacks with claws on her feet
  • Davis “were building virtual sets so we can shoot on green screen and add later “ 
  • "Pack of alphas will be five large and we’re casting identical twin alphas now" 
  • Davis “I like to be on set as a showrunner so move to LA helps and nothing about show look will change.”
  • "Cast is best of friends and we all watch the show together for the first time when it airs" ~ Davis
  • "We’re gonna completely reverse Allison in S3 and she will have a redemption story
  • "Allison and her dad are gunslingers who have hung up their guns and return to Becon Hills only if they don’t hunt"
  • Erica and Boyd will be the mystery of the first few eps
  • We’re introducing a gay character this season” ~Davis
  • More of Lydia’s special abilities will be revealed this season. “Women will be finding their power" ~ Davis
  • Posey’s okay with long makeup sitting but always feel uncomfortable with t/shirtless scenes. Blames Davis. That’s for you  fans ;)
  • Davis “were going to follow through on series premiere when Derek says “we’re brothers now”
  • Lydia will be part of Scott’s pack/less romantic relationship between Stiles and Lydia”
  • "We’re doing a flashback ep. You will see a young Derek Hale
  • "I don’t like getting into genetics and the blue eyes will be explained in flashback ep" ~Davis
  • Don’t want to run into twilight territory with mates. But delving into the hierarchy of packs. -@casness
  • Danny will hopefully be more in season 3. Introducing other queer characters. -@casness
  • Tyler supports Scott/Isaac. -@casness

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'Teen Wolf' Cast Will Unify More this Season - Jeff Davis

There’s a bad moon on the rise for the howlingly good drama as it roars back for Season 2. “I had the idea while we were filming the pilot,” teases exec producer Jeff Davis, who says we’ll find our resident full-moon hottie embracing his inner action figure: Scott “becomes more of a hero.”

And good thing, because the population of Beacon Hills is about to grow: Gage Golightly, Sinqua Walls and Daniel Sharman all join as classmates who undergo makeovers thanks to new Alpha wolf Derek.

Also, Davis says to look for a ‘mystery to tear apart’ the scoobies. Lydia and Jackson will ‘go off the rails’, one of them possibly fatally, and everyone will have to deal with the arrival of Allison’s grnadfather, a seasoned wolf hunter. Says Davis, ‘Expect a lot more intrigue this season.’ Should be fierce!

- TV Guide Scan.

Season 2 Character Bios

Scott McCall (Tyler Posey):  After a mysterious animal attack, Scott McCall transformed from ordinary teenager to creature of the night. With the help of his best friend Stiles, he’s been able to fend off Beacon Hills’ group of werewolf hunters…until now. With a new and more formidable Argent in town eager to avenge his daughter Kate’s death, and with an even bigger bad on the loose, Scott’s more in peril than ever. Will he be able to balance a normal teenage life of lacrosse, homework as well as his beautiful girlfriend Allison while protecting those he loves from new dangers lurking around every corner?

Allison Argent (Crystal Reed):  Moving to Beacon Hills was a fresh start for Allison and her family, until she fell in love with Scott McCall. But the tragic conflict between Allison’s family of hunters and the werewolf she loves threatens to tear her relationship apart forever. Will Allison accept her family’s legacy? Or will she defy tradition and stand by Scott’s side in the face of impending danger?

Stiles (Dylan O’Brien):As Scott’s loyal and trusted best friend, Stiles brings the brains and often the humor to the operation. With access to his police officer father’s files and a deviously crafty mind, he’ll go looking for answers even when it means endangering himself and others. But, even though he needs to be saved more often than he does the saving, Stiles’ heart always remains in the right place.

Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin):  As the new Alpha, Derek is more formidable than ever. But he also knows even the strongest werewolf is more powerful with a pack. As he continues to teach Scott the ways of the wolf in an effort to defend against a new onslaught of enemies, he also begins to recruit new Betas for his pack.

Jackson Whittemore (Colton Haynes):  After learning the secret to Scott’s superhuman abilities, the always calculating Jackson aided Derek in defeating the former Alpha in order to gain the bite for himself. The question now is whether Scott’s lacrosse co-captain will be an even bigger threat on the field and in the fight against the hunters or more of a threat to himself and his friends.

Lydia Martin (Holland Roden):  Still recovering from both the Alpha’s attack and Jackson’s brutal break-up, Lydia isn’t her usual perfectly put together self. But what is she exactly? Because underneath Lydia’s beauty and confident veneer may lay a dark, possibly supernatural secret and even the possibility of a cure for Scott.


Michael Hogan (“Battlestar Galactica”) will play the role of Gerard, Allison’s grandfather.  A man whose age has made him more lethal, he’ll begin to sway Allison closer and closer toward the family’s unique business of hunting werewolves.

Daniel Sharman (“Immortals”) will play Isaac, a troubled young high schooler on the lacrosse team who will be given a unique gift by the new Alpha, Derek.

Sinqua Walls (“Secret Life of the American Teenager,” “Shark Night 3D”) will play the role a Boyd, a shy loner at Beacon Hills High School who reveals there’s more to him than meets the eye.

Gage Golightly (“Ringer,” “The Troop”) will play the role of Erica, a tough young girl whose transformation from ugly duckling to swan catches the attention of all the boys and resident wolves.    

Stephen Lunsford (“Private Practice”) will play the role of Matt, a handsome teen with a knack for photography and whose initial crush on Allison will turn into real competition for Scott when the couple begins to grow apart under new tensions.

Bianca Lawson (“Pretty Little Liars,” “Buffy”) will appear in the show as Ms. Morrell, the Beacon Hills guidance counselor who becomes an ally to several characters.

I ship obscure and unpopular things sometimes - Scott x Lydia

“I prefer my boyfriend… at peak performance.”

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